Is your vehicle due for a registration or inspection?

Pink Slips

A pink slip, aka eSafety checks, prove your car is roadworthy. NSW registered vehicles 5 years and older require an annual inspection. eSafety checks take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You will receive a pink slip when your vehicle passes the inspection.

To acquire a pink slip, drop by Tanilba Bay Automotive today.

Blue Slips

A blue slip, also known as an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection, is required for vehicles in NSW which fall into the following categories:

  • Vehicles whose registration expired over 3 months before re-registration
  • Vehicles relocating to NSW from other states and countries, vehicles without number plates

Caravan & Trailer Rego

All caravans and light trailers must be registered to travel on NSW roads. We prove registration on vehicles and caravans with breakaway brakes. We can also organise to have breakaway breaks fitted to your vehicle and caravan.

Gas Rego

Tanilba Bay Automotive can do gas rego checks from our garage. Gas certificates are renewed every 10 years and must be done by an accredited gas inspector.

Roads & Maritime Authorised Safety Check
Authorised Safety Check
Authorised fitting check

Child Restraint Fitters

Keep your child safe while riding passenger in your vehicle with our certified seat restraints. Tanilba Bay Automotive fits approved and tested child restraints to Australian standards.

Child restraints and baby seats are required by Australian law for the safety of children and babies. Our mechanical crew is authorised and accredited to fit child seat restraints and provide the following services:

  • Inspect & adjust child safe seats
  • Install additional anchor points
  • Maintain & repair child restraints

What are anchor points?

Anchor points could be different depending on the vehicle you own. Most of the time the vehicle’s hardware is used as anchor points and located on the approximate centreline of the seating position. They can be found on the parcel shelf, in the back of the rear seat, in the boot floor or in the roof behind the rear seat.