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Do it once, do it right!

Tanilba Bay Automotives believes in doing things once and doing them right.

Tanilba Bay Automotives offers a full range of services and products from the simplest job on the family care, to complicated works on four-wheel-drives.
It offers full log book services under manufacturers warranty and is a Carline Mufflers dealer. The team also specialise in muffler and exhaust work from standard fits to custom makes.
The mechanics also take care of tyre work and wheel alignments and can provide gas registrations as well as blue and pink slips.

Tanilba Bay Automotives is a dealer for GT Radial and carries a full range of NRMA batteries.
You can also buy retail spare parts and if the part you are after is not in stock, it can be delivered within 24 hours in most cases.



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